Pommel style 4

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Pommel style 4.

Adds 1.844" (no ring) 1.954" (with ring) to the length of your saber. Deigned to be used with or without the cube rings which we sell separately. 2.06" OD with cube ring, 1.54" OD without ring.

All MHS parts should have the threads wiped clean and then lightly oiled or greased. We sell some Synthetic Grease for this. Parts that get stuck because no oil/grease was used or that are damaged by the user trying to take them apart will not be warrantied.
Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 7 reviews )

Pommel Style 4

Review by R-Jay on 11/5/2020

What can I say but WOW! This Pommel is a absolute must have for any saber. Machining on this is stupendous and superb and with the cube ring installed with it simply amazing. Anyone who is looking or thinking of getting this. GET IT !

Very nicely done

Review by AB on 10/3/2016

Bought this, but and have installed and remove, but haven't dedicated it to any saber. Really nice looking, and very nice work on the machining. The accompanying ring has very sharp edges on the cubes, and likely could use some sanding or rounding off. Only downer to me is that it produces a "tinny" sound out of the saber. I guess maybe the downsize channel or something. Still loud, but does not have as boomy of a sound as the standard pommel/insert combination. For the way it looks, that's still acceptable. Its going to cost me in the long run, as i'll have to do another saber to match it. Like buying the bullets first and then needing the gun to go with them.


Review by grAfLEX25 on 5/7/2016

Initially I was put off by this pommel's high price (relative to others in the store), but it is worth every penny. This piece looks far more expensive than the price it is offered at. It looks good without the cube rings, but with the cube rings it has an amazing Obi Wan TPM look to it. I was afraid that the pommel's intricate design would overpower my saber, but the proportions to the my 7" main body look perfect.

I like it!

Review by Jeremy on 3/19/2016

It looks slick as all heck. Used with the Cube Ring, it gives a hardcore warrior vibe that can't be beat!

Amazing looking!

Review by Joel on 3/9/2016

This pommel is amazing looking and just well done overall, can't wait to get the insert for this thing!

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