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C-clip for locking MPS inserts into MPS pommels.
Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 15 reviews )

Easy with Snap-Ring Pliers

Review by Kurt on 7/11/2023

I have the deep MPS8 pommel so purchased a long-nose snap-ring pliers that came in a set on Amazon. Makes this c-clip very easy to put in and take out. Holds the insert in snuggly.

If you have trouble getting this installed...

Review by Ron on 3/4/2020

I kept having issues when trying to get this seated into the proper ring. I had ground a pair of needle nose to compress it without any luck. I bought a new circlip plier, and still no luck. Scratches on the inside of the pommel abound. That's when I realized that there was a burr, a small lip extending slightly from the "bottom" side. Most likely it was an artifact from the process where they punch these out of a sheet of spring steel. This lip was catching and not allowing the circlip to seat into the lowest slot. A small flat diamond file easily removed the burr, and it now seated in seconds using my original home made tool.

Great Product

Review by JOHN on 6/5/2019

it's a little tricky to install but just be patient.

A must

Review by Jordan on 9/12/2018

Awesome. Use sharp needle nose pliars to install easily

Solid and Necessary

Review by Forrest on 8/11/2017

An absolute necessity for any pommel insert, but do yourself a favor and get some snap-ring pliers first. It'll save you a lot of frustration and hassle, and save this ring, the pommel insert, and your pommel from a bunch of unnecessary scratches.

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