MHSv1 speaker mount Style 5 - For 28mm Speakers

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MHS speaker mount V5

Same as speaker mount V4 except it has a lip to lock it in place between the pommel and female section.
These are designed to be used with the MHS chassis parts we sell.
They are 1.24" OD x .75" long and will slide into most MHS parts.
The 4 holes are 4-40 threaded.
Can be used with the Premium or 2W bass speaker.
Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

Great speaker holder and base for a chassis

Review by David on 1/4/2019

This mount definitely has a tight fit on the speaker, which is not a bad thing. It also has the threaded holes that allow for building a chassis with. The rim on the holder traps it between the pommel and body part which locks it in place simplifying how you are going to hold the part in. Worth while to get.

Key word, Lock Lip

Review by JD on 8/2/2015

The speaker fits reallly tight and snug within the inside groove of the speaker holder. A little sanding allowed it fit just right. As the description says, "lock(s) it in place between the pommel and female section". It added extra space inside the pommel (for me that is) between the speaker and pommel cap. Extra room can be used efficiently for a recharge port at the very bottom of the hilt. Wiring maybe difficult though.

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