3D Chassis - 18650 Holder

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3D Chassis 18650 Battery Holder. Can accommodate either wired or button top. Positive and Negative terminals are included with each chassis but not installed as they can be hard to remove for soldering. Be sure to install the flat terminal on the end with a recess. 

Designed to slip on and over 4-40 all threads supporting the chassis (Pictured for example only). Compatible with the MCS Acrylic Discs and Metal chassis discs.

Has a plunger built in for easy battery removal.

3.19" Tall 

OD 1.24"

These will only fit 1.25" ID parts and will not fit smaller ID parts such as the ribbed sections.

SLS 3d printed in Nylon 6 or 12. Available in White or Black. White can be easily Dyed using RIT dye.

Speaker mount, recharge port, battery, and threaded rods are not included and only shown for display purposes
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