MHS Flat Style Heat Sink

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MHS Flat Style Heat Sink with 6 holes in the Heat Sink

This style has a flat back so that a switch can be used as close to the blade holder as possible. If you have the room you should use a NHS3 for the extra cooling capacity. These will work with the Tri-rebels and the regular rebels LED's.The hole is just barely smaller than the optic for a tri-rebel so you need to be sure to center the star and optic as close as possible.

You do not need to use nylon screws with these and the holes are for the wires to pass through. It would be a good idea to use a thermal adhesive pad to attach the LED and keep it from moving around during assembly.
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Initial concern

Review by David on 7/21/2018

I was concerned when ordering this instead of the V3 (as it was out of stock). In the pictures the heatsink seemed small and inadequate. However, in reality it has a high enough thermal capacity to keep even the highest powered tri-crees stable. The notch in the back for a screwdriver is a welcome edition.

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