MHSv1 Quick Connect Style 1

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MHSv1 Style 1 Quick Connect Adapter

Provides a secure hold and easily disconnects with a simple twist. 

1.9" unthreaded length
1.45" OD

All MHS parts should have the threads wiped clean and then lightly oiled or greased. We sell some Synthetic Grease for this. Parts that get stuck because no oil/grease was used or that are damaged by the user trying to take them apart will not be warrantied.
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Very practical design

Review by Lee on 7/28/2023

The coupler is well made, and I replaced a different coupler in a staff used for performance / stage combat. The part looks fantastic and the parallel threads make a solid connection. The staff looks better now which is making everyone happy. We've tested it in practice and haven't had any problems with it disconnecting in action. The coupler is tightened with a (standard) right hand twist, so tends to be tightened with just regular "make sure everything is tightened up" twists. Note this means to disconnect you need to grab the part itself else you will disconnect the saber. Nice looking, practical, well thought out part.

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