Clocking Washers

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Clocking Washers.

Size 1 is 1.45" OD x 1.38" ID x .015" thick.

Size 2 is 1.31" OD x 1.25" ID x .015" thick.

Size 1 is for using between two MHSV1 parts and will rotate the pieces approximately 100 degrees.
Size 2 is for using with a blade holder and sits against the LED module.
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Just what I needed

Review by Randy Rodgers on 3/29/2023

These are fabulous if you need to line you parts up. I used them on my Saberforge MKII Katana hilt and they were exactly what I needed to orient everything the way I wanted. Theis is a great place to get your parts!

Of Trim Rings and Timing Washers

Review by Morgan on 1/16/2021

I took a gamble and won with these. It takes six of the 'Size 2' washers to put a trim ring between a blade holder and a main body. I also tried the same thing on the pommel end with a speaker mount that rests against the lip just inside the treads and they worked out just fine. Incidentally, the small amount of resonation space created by the washers/trim ring made my 28mm bass speaker practically roar with the volume set to 50%.

Outta sight outta mind solution

Review by John on 8/5/2016

Ordered 4 of the size 2. Needed to shim a blade holder so that the spot for blade retention screw lined up with the main body switches. 4 did the trick (lucky guess). Install was a breeze. Compliment with a trim ring to hide any gap created. Such a low cost solution, I recommend ordering 2 or more than you may actually need.

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