Bunny Ears

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Bunny ears

Designed to mount to 1.45" OD MHS parts via two 4-40 socket head screws. (NOT INCLUDED)
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Exactly what I needed

Review by Jeffrey on 4/2/2024

I needed a few parts for a Starkiller saber that was less than accurate. This Bunny Ears was perfect! Now one step closer to loving my saber. Mounted perfectly to the https://www.thecustomsabershop.com/Modular-Hilt-System-V1/Adapters-Misc/Ring-for-Blade-holder-20v2-and-35 TCSS ROCKS!!!

Bunny Ear Review.

Review by Randy on 11/12/2023

Fits and looks just right while being very robust. Really adds a lot to the looks of the saber.

A Must for Blade Holder 20 v2

Review by grAfLEX25 on 11/10/2016

Mounted perfectly to blade holder 20 v2. I've read horror stories of people smashing or flattening out graflex bunny ears into walls, with this piece I would fear more for the wall. At first I was put off by the price of the piece, but after receiving it, I'm convinced this takes some fairly involved machining to build and the sturdiness of the piece is reassuring. The finish on the bunny ears I received was very clean the only rough looking area is near the screws to mount the ears, but this area isn't particularly visible. I feel that the finish on the pieces I received looks better than what is pictured on the website. All around a great piece for those graflex inspired builds.

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