Box style 28 PCB Upgrade

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Activation box style 28 PCB upgrade. 

Directly swaps in place of the Box 28 PCB and upgrades the two accent LEDs to Pixels, includes two functioning Switches, and a 1.3mm recharge port positioned under the card. 

Com = Switch common ground
SW2 = Switch 2 
SW1 = Switch 1
SM- = Out to sound module negative
BT- = In from battery Negative
SM/BT + = Positive in from battery and out to sound module
DI1 = Data in to pixel 1
DO1 = Data out from pixel 1
DI2 = Data in to pixel 2
DO2 = Data out from pixel 2
- = Pixel negative from sound module

On this updated version there is no pad for "+ Battery Positive for Pixel power" as it is provided via the SM/BT pad
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Box style 28 PCB Upgrade

Review by CHARLES on 8/8/2023

A well designed PCB upgrade for Korbanth's LS6 Gullwing control box card. The staggered pads is a real plus. Integrates with Proffie relatively easily. Thanks TCSS.

Bad pad layout

Review by Rich on 10/15/2022

I wanted to really love this, but it makes no sense why the pads are so close together. You have MORE than enough space. Disapoointed.

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