Activation box style 6

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Activation box style 6

These are 2.25" long and may not fit without overlapping grooves/flutes in some main hilts

These will not fit a 3" or shorter double female section

These will mount using two of the 6-32 socket head screws we sell.

These are made to hold the following.
1x Any 16mm AV switch
2.25" long x .245" tall (in the center) x .875" wide
Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

Excellent switch box!

Review by Morgan on 11/20/2017

I used this for a saber build where the switch is near the pommel and it really balances the design out. It has just a bit of perceivable weight, and the blank area on top just begs to have something engraved in it.

button box

Review by arizona on 3/7/2011

i like this. i drilled out the mounting holes for 11/32x1/4in Al pop rivets and it worked great. although i was stupid enough not to buy the proper button so i cant tell you how well tht worked. i guess ill catch it in my next order. 健康のライフ 単独で歩く人 (kenkoo no raifu -tandoku de aruku hito-) (good health much life -man who walks alone-)

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