Activation box style 11

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Activation box style 11

Holds two 16mm AV style switches and one 2.1mm recharge port.

Designed to be mounted using two 4-40 button head screw which we sell.

Will only fit a 4" or longer extension. The box is 2.62" long.
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Nice but if you use it next to a blade holder order a 5" tube

Review by shayne on 2/10/2012

Got my parts today and was all excited about getting this together, I noticed on some of the activation boxes it said wont work with a 3" extension so I ordered a 4" extension to be safe. Well if your using that extension next to a blade holder a 4" isnt long enough either because of the heat sink, wish I knew this in advance now im stuck until I can get a 5" extension.

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