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Momentary to latching converter 2.2 to 16V

Allows for the use of a momentary switch in a latching circuit.

Red/black Female JST Labeled VIN = Battery pack input
Yellow Female JST = Momentary switch input
Red/black Female JST labeled VOUT= Can be used for a MWS AV switch LED so the LED is on when the switch is on or any other circuit you want switched on with source voltage.
Red/black Male JST labeled VOUT = Battery output to buckpuck, resistor, etc.

•Dimensions: 0.6" x 0.7" x 0.12" 
•Operating voltage: 2.2-16V 
•Maximum current: 6A
•Draws very little current in off state (typically under 0.01 μA)


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by Andrew
on 8/10/2020
from pittsboro
Versatile beyond belief
You know I always dream up things that if i was smart enough to make i would and for once in my life it already existed. I am actually not using this in a light saber but still using it in the same manner. I used it to modify a joystick with momentary buttons to control a motor
by Johan
on 1/11/2015
from Naples
Im a big fan of this little thing. With it I was able to fit a short mon blue ring switch in a really shallow build. With a little testing I was able to wire in recharge port that turns the blue ring on and off with the kill key. Ill have one of these little guys in all my sabers without sound.
by chris
on 7/18/2014
from stuart
momentary/ latching converter
This is an awsom product. I first atempted to use it on a force fx sound board without any luck. Then I used it on a stunt saber. and wow! It works like a charm. Any future stunt builds will include this lil gismo for sure. It opens up many other options especially if you prefer the smoth switch action of the momentary's
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