• MTN Blade Holder Style 2

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MTN Blade Holder Style 2

Designed to be used with a 1" Pixel Hilt Side Adapter which is held in place by 2x 4-40 set screws (Included). The blade holder has 3x 8-32 set screws (Included) hidden under the outer shroud.

The outer shroud is left hand threaded so that it will not unthread the rest of the parts when being loosened. When tightening it hold onto the blade to help snug it down without unscrewing the rest of the saber parts.

Blade depth with our Short 1" pixel adapter = .7"  1" Short Pixel Hilt Side Adapter
Blade depth with our NPXL 1" pixel adapter = .62"  1" NPXL V3 Hilt Side Adapter

Will screw onto any female MTN part.

MTN Parts are only recommended for light dueling. 

All MHS parts should have the threads wiped clean and then lightly oiled or greased. We sell some Synthetic Grease for this. Parts that get stuck because no oil/grease was used or that are damaged by the user trying to take them apart will not be warrantied.


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