• MR or Hasbro FX Yoda conversion kit

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FX Hasbro/MR Yoda conversion kit.

These are now anodized black

A few customers have noticed fitment issues. If you run into any issues please contact us so we can get measurements and correct the issues.

Designed to hold our 1" OD blades
Blade/LED holder for converting a Hasbro or MR FX Yoda to a luxeon 3w.
LED, lens, and lens holder will need to be ordered seperately.
Blade retention and mounting screw included. No drilling necessary for this conversion.


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by Keith
on 1/2/2017
from Alexander City
Yoda Kit is Awesome BUT......
First the kit it completely awesome and accurate. If you have an older Hasbro or a MR saber, its basically plug and play for a beginning saberist. For the BLACK SERIES PLEASE LISTEN!!! This kit will still work. It does fit in the saber. The hilt is the same. What is different is the sound/light/clash board are all one and there is no way to use any kit without losing the clash and movement sounds. You can cut off that end of the circuit board and it will come on, illuminate, and hum. If you want all the other stuff, you will be building a ground up chassis, board, switches, lightsaber. You can do this and actually have a really nice saber. It is small and tight, but patience will pay off. If anyone has any other questions contact me dreamer1928@yahoo.com
by Chris
on 7/22/2014
from Sorrento
If you use this kit like it is made to be used, it works great. I however, didn't like how much more it stuck out from the hilt. So, I did a lot of Dremel work, painted it, & a ton of Cram Fu. Once I was done, it looked JUST like the real deal. However, the blade depth is so shallow that you MUST use a thick walled blade.
by Aaron
on 6/1/2014
from Watertown
Good however
Got this and I was disappointed. The conversion kit wouldn't fit. The part where the fin attached was too small so I spent forever to dremel down my fin. But then the holes didn't match either so I had to do a lot more dremel work. Had to dremel the plastic part like others have mentioned. Lots of wasted time on this. However with some dremel food and lots of work it turned out great. Beware if you suck at dremel work.
by Alex
on 1/9/2014
from England
Surprising and solid
Very surprised to see how easy this kit slots into the saber. Everything is aligned perfectly and there's plenty of room to play with should you need it. The black top cosmetic plastic strip above the knob on the Yoda Fx needs to be sanded down to fit flush with this kit. Really clean kit and looks great!
by Darth Marr
on 3/12/2012
One bad thing
I cant seem to get that weird black thing to fit with the shround. It could just be me.
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