• MHSv1 speaker mount Style 6 - For 28mm Speakers

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MHS speaker mount V6

This is a new version which will hold larger sound modules.

This is made to hold a 18650 battery holder, sound module, and speaker which are not included.

The 18650 battery holder can be purchased here.

Will fit in a 5" or longer 1.25" ID MHS section.
It will work with the Premium or Bass speaker
It is not designed to work with a pre-wired NB module
The 18650 battery holder needs the corners sanded in order to fit and although it is designed to clip in place they do not always do so and may need to be glued in place.
It is designed so that you can use a piece of tube guard made for T8 lamps to protect the battery and sound module (Not Included).


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by Thomas
on 6/29/2020
from Wilmington
Cost-effective drop chassis solution
The MHS V6 Chassis system in Delrin is an almost perfect chassis system. I have used this chassis on MR/Hasbro Conversions, MHS Sabers, US Conversions, etc. It is highly versatile, and can fit practically any soundboard on the market. I even fit a 2 layered TeensySaberV3 into one. Using T8 tubing for protection is awesome. This system and the video explanations of its versatility by MadCow, help ensure a lasting saber install. Speaker induced clashes are less of an issue in the Delrin, than the 3D Printed chassis available on the market. I am so thankful that TCSS decided to continue to run these in Delrin. This Chassis system is Custom Saber Gold! Thank you TCSS!
on 6/5/2019
from APO
Great Product
love this design. needed minor modifications to fit all the wires i was stuffing into it. the battery holder fits snugly and will not pop out. this is my preferred way to power up my saber.
by Bobby
on 3/18/2019
from Lebanon
Great product
It fits perfectly in an empty ultrasabers hilt. It’s a tight fit but with slight sanding around the outside of the speaker mount it’s perfect.
by Darth Gary
on 3/4/2019
from Escondido
Great all around chassis
This design has become my go to chassis. With slight modification I have been able to mount it to custom chassis pieces to make a slide out chassis with a crystal chamber. It is also great for a stand alone chassis, the larger diameter ring around the speaker mount can be thinned down and it will slide into almost any pommel allowing more room in front for switches or charge ports. It is made of some very durable stuff and fits the Pico, NBV4, and Prizm! with plenty of room to spare. LOVE THIS PART!!
by Damon
on 10/26/2017
from Reynoldsburg
A Solid Chassis
You can't beat this as a simple affordable chassis for MHS sabers. There's plenty of room for a NBv4 w/ PEX and a Prizm 5.1 fits perfectly as well. Just a tiny dab of hot glue or double sided tape will do the trick to hold it in. Not battery holder batteries can easily be held in with double sided tape.
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