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Adds 2.5" to length of hilt.

All MHS parts should have the threads wiped clean and then lightly oiled or greased. We sell some Synthetic Grease for this. Parts that get stuck because no oil/grease was used or that are damaged by the user trying to take them apart will not be warrantied.


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by Nicholas
on 1/14/2017
from Coldwater
Elegant and streamlined!
This choke can turn any boring lightsaber into something elegant and make it have a very streamlined look. Highly recommend!
by Person
on 7/18/2015
This adds a nice smooth curved texture to your lightsaber!
by Quinn
on 6/26/2011
from east stroudsburg
I use two of these in my hilt. I love this piece. It's extremely well made and high quality. Exceeds my expectations. Awesome part to have right where your thumb and pointer finger wrap around the hilt.
by James
on 2/10/2010
from NJ
Smooth and sleek
This part looks even better in person. And for all you who love to twirl the saber around, this makes it flow so much better.
by [s]
on 7/30/2009
from Gig Harbor
exceeds expectations
haven't got all the parts for my hilt yet but i got a couple of these and they look a whole lot better than i expected. i really wanted to know more about the dimensions before i bought it but i measured it once it was delivered and the ID is 3/4" pretty much the whole way thru and the OD at the narrowest part is 1" (in case anyone else was wondering)
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