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MHS LS Empty Hilt Kit 

  •  1" Blade Emitter includes blade retention holes and screws
  • LS Blade Plug included! 
  • 2x Momentary Tactile switches with the included box PCB
  • High Amp 1.3mm Recharge Port included with the included box PCB
  • Includes a vented and non-vented pommel insert. Compatible with any MHSv1 MPS Insert. If you want us to install either of the included pommel inserts prior to shipping, please let us know via an Order note! 
  • D-Ring is pre-installed in to the pommel for your convenience
  • Utilizes all MHSv1 and MTN parts allowing easy customizations or part swaps if desired.
  • A mix of Machined 6061 Aluminum and Real Copper with Machined and Anodized finishes. 
  • The Slothfurnace ROTJ PCB Card can also be added to the order via the checkbox above!

The Box Top is easily screwed down and the box card/PCB is held in the place by magnets on top of the screws. The components are easily removed to access the recharge port on the switch PCB.  The top/front box screw needs to be slightly shortened during install

The switch PCB consists of 2x Pixel Accent LEDs, 2x Momentary Tactile Switches, and a 1.3mm recharge port positioned under the card. The switch PCB pinout is below. 

  • Com = Switch common ground
  • SW2 = Switch 2 
  • SW1 = Switch 1
  • SM- = Out to sound module negative
  • BT- = In from battery Negative
  • SM/BT + = Positive in from battery and out to sound module
  • + = Battery Positive for Pixel power
  • DI1 = Data in to pixel 1
  • DO1 = Data out from pixel 1
  • DI2 = Data in to pixel 2
  • DO2 = Data out from pixel 2
  • - = Pixel negative from sound module

The Blade Holder is designed to be used with a 1" Pixel Hilt Side Adapter which is held in place by 2x 4-40 set screws (Included). The blade holder has 4x 8-32 set screws (Included) that are hidden under the outer shroud. The outer shroud is also left hand threaded so that it will not unthread the rest of the parts when being loosened. 

Blade depth with our Short 1" pixel adapter = .7"  1" Short Pixel Hilt Side Adapter
Blade depth with our NPXL 1" pixel adapter = .62"  1" NPXL V3 Hilt Side Adapter

These are NOT a complete working saber and do not arrive assembled. The kit does not include a blade, LED, sound module, speaker, etc

MTN Parts are only recommended for light dueling.  

All MHS parts should have the threads wiped clean and then lightly oiled or greased. We sell some Synthetic Grease for this. Parts that get stuck because no oil/grease was used or that are damaged by the user trying to take them apart will not be warrantied.


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