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3.4" long x .2" wide x .09" tall black neoprene grip with 3M adhesive backing.

We offer a service for machining pockets for them to fit into so they will be firmly held in place and straight.

In the second picture above there is 10 grips installed into cutouts on a MHS section.


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by Chris
on 2/9/2020
from UK
Good looking, bad adhesive.
These really look the part, but the adhesive on them would be better suited to post-its. I had to peel the adhesive off and glue the grips in place.
by David
on 7/21/2018
from Australia
Do not purchase for Hilt Style 5. To me it seemed as though they would fit in the fluted tracks made on Hilt Style 5. I made a mistake in judgement, but this could be made clearer. I also ordered 10 by looking at a glance at the description when Hilt Style 5 has 12 fluted tracks. Otherwise the adhesive is good as a display piece, but could be brittle if the saber is used regularly.
by grAfLEX25
on 11/10/2016
Great Grips Paired with the Milled Cutout Service
I used these grips with the milled cutout service and the overall effect was what I wanted. With the milled cutouts the grips only minimally protrude from the hilt which allows for a very solid grip. If you are using these grips with the milled cutout service, I highly recommend checking your pieces for any excess grip that was not completely cut off. Even minimal overhanging material can slightly change how the grips seat into the cutouts. In few a instances, particularly near the ends of the grips, they did not seat fully because of the slight overhang of extra material. A minor issue, but something I still think is worth noting. On a positive note these grips are solid and I don't think they'll be leaving the saber any time soon.
by David
on 10/14/2014
from Ballwin
very versatile!
These are great. I've used them on 4 different sabers now and I highly recommend! They don't stick out too far from the hilt body like the other ones offered on the site, and you can cut them to fit pretty much anywhere. If you're using them parallel to the hilt (or, vertically) on a body that HAS NOT been milled, I recommend measuring the circumference, deciding how many you want running around it, then cutting a spacer out of paper or cardboard to set in between the strips to make sure they're equidistant and straight relative to each other. Remove the backing, place the strip where you want, then press and hold each one tight for about 20-30 seconds WITHOUT MOVING IT AROUND! The adhesive they come with allows a little bit of wiggle (which actually makes for a much more comfortable grip) when you really push on them, but they always go back to the place you stuck them originally (which is awesome!)- SO MAKE SURE YOU PUT THEM EXACTLY WHERE YOU WANT THEM THE FIRST TIME!
by Devin
on 9/17/2013
from Bakersfield
Good just not wonderful
I purchased enough of these to fill in the slots for the hilt type 7 I believe (with vertical mill slots) They look and feel great on your saber. My only real complaint about these is that after a few duels the adhesive will start to erode and the grips will begin to come off. I would recommend using super glue or an epoxy to hold them in place.
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