SPST Momentary Guarded switch with red button

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SPST Momentary Guarded switch with red button.
These fit "Guarded style switch holes"
These have the nut on the inside so they can be a bit tricky to install.
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Great switch, but bulky

Review by Matt Thorn on 11/25/2008

These switches look great, and work beautifully. The amount of pressure required to trigger the switch is just perfect, and the guard keeps you from activating it accidentally. The only drawback of this series (as another reviewer noted in a review of the latching variety) is that they are long, and will extend a bit more than an inch (about 26.5mm) into your hilt. You'll need to drill a 12mm (a tad less than 1/2") hole for the switch. Because you have to insert the switch from the outside and put the nut on from the inside, you need to think about when and how to solder connections, but you can simplify things by using a quick connector (though that will take up that much more space inside the hilt). In fact, I would say that a quick connector is a must for this switch, so you might want to avoid it if the interior of your hilt is going to be cramped.

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