16mm Anti Vandal Momentary Yellow Ring Switch

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SPST Momentary yellow ring Illuminated switch

Will work with any box designed to hold 16mm switches and the recessed AV switch hole service. These will NOT work with the AVbezel as the shaft is not long enough to fit the nut on.

There is no internal resistor on these so you need to use the correct resistor in order to not fry the LED. The LED has a forward voltage of 2.1V and runs at 20mA. 4.8V would use a 150ohm 1/4 watt resistor, 6V would use a 220ohm 1/4 watt resistor. If you are not sure which to use please ask.
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Nice switch

Review by Einar on 5/2/2014

Remember to connect this one to a 20mA resistor to the positive lead before connecting power. Or else you will fry the light. I did. Remember to push the button for about two seconds for switching the light saber off.

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