16mm Anti Vandal Momentary Stainless Switch

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Stainless momentary anti-vandal switch

Will work with box's 2-6 and the recessed AV switch hole service. These will NOT work with the AVbezel as the shaft is not long enough to fit the nut on.
Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 7 reviews )

Feels awesome

Review by David on 7/22/2018

The tactile feeling of this button is great, I couldn't find a better one anywhere locally although it is a bit expensive. Can't fault it as a product though.

Looks and feels perfect!

Review by Luis on 1/14/2013

This just made my saber look that much more spectacular!

Good Button

Review by Kevin on 12/2/2011

This button works great and it DOES work with BOX 9

Great feel

Review by MooseStuff on 11/9/2010

this switch has a great feel and look to it. i want an extra just to keep on my keychain so i can press it all day.


Review by Charles on 6/25/2010

I love this switch its easy to push but not too easy, and looks very sleek in the hilt, I would recommend it.

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