12mm KR Black Duo Tactile PixelSwitch

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12mm Black Tactile Duo PixelSwitch - Not assembled and comes in a kit that includes the components below.  

1x Switch Body
2x Switch Actuators
1x LED Diffuser
1x Retention Ring
1x Switch PCB
2 x 2mm*0.5mm shim washers. Handle carefully! These are tiny and will get lost easily. Sits in the recessed portion of the Actuators. 

Switch Pads 

V - Pixel +
G - Pixel -
C - Switch Common Ground
D - Pixel Data
S1 - Switch
S2- Switch

Installing this in a non threaded hole? Pick up a 12mm switch nut here> 12mm Nut (thecustomsabershop.com) 

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