Push on/push off switch with black button

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Push on/push off latching switch with black button.
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good for testing only.

Review by Bill on 9/18/2015

The above review is accurate. these buttons have poor connections. poor return spring in the ON position. so any blade clash or even grazing the button whilst on, makes your LED flicker. I purchased three sabers from a blade builder, who exclusively uses this switch. I replaced all three units with a cheap radioshack flip switch with similar diameter. fixed.


Review by Mason on 10/27/2014

Great item!

They did the trick

Review by Anthony on 8/30/2009

I wired up two of these in custom chassis for my hilts with a special button rig. Only thing that bugs me is once it's on, if you touch the button without depressing it completely to the "click," it blinks out. Maybe I should try reversing my wiring to see if it changes. Otherwise, I love 'em; they worked out great.

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