MWS BuckPuck

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BuckPuck mA output?

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MWS BuckPuck

Input voltage must be greater than 5v and below 32v

Supports the following components via screw terminals with JST connectors pre-installed.
  • Blue- and White+ JST > Main LED (L+ and L-)
  • Red and Black JST > Accent LED (A+ and A-) Only on when switch is on
  • Yellow JST > Latching Switch (SW)
  • Accent LED Resistor (ARES) Simply attach one of the resistor legs to each of the terminals. This will reduce the output voltage to the Accent LED terminals.
  • Red and Black JST > Recharge Port (R+ and R-) This simply goes straight to the battery. Only charge with switch turned off.
  • Red and Black JST > Battery Input (B+ and B-)

    Make sure the bottom is either placed in a safe location or covered so the pins cannot create a short circuit. This can be done by simply taping over them.
Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 3 reviews )

Probably the best idea ever

Review by Tommy on 12/14/2012

This item is a must for any novice saber builders. It makes the wiring just too easy to mess up. Well worth the extra money to have a completely no-solder way to hook everything up. Couple this with the LED kits and some extra jst connectors (those things are great and make things very simple) and you have a snap together wiring harness. Only soldering I did for my latest was to add jst connections to the switch and everything else plugged in. The ARES ports are a wonderful addition and make accent LEDs (like in my lighted AV switch) a snap to add.

too easy

Review by Dan on 10/2/2012

makes saber building almost too easy. This little puck does all the work for you, and takes all the guesswork out of it. Not that I'm complaining. Was a great tool to start with! It's also a great thing to use to test LEDs. All you'd need is a cheap switch, a battery, this and your LED module. Stunt saber electronics DONE. No soldering, no resistor calculations. A must for any padawan.

Very handy

Review by Gaz on 9/22/2012

This part coupled with the other MWS parts makes saber building so simple, does exactly what you'd expect. The only thing I didn't realise was the size of the buckpuck. Tt's fairly large - around 1.25 inches in length, so make sure you have plenty of room for your batteries unless you're a black belt in Cram-Fu

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