Red Orange Cree XP-E2 CopperNova

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Red Orange Cree XP-E2 CopperNova

Cree Part# XPEBRO-L1-0000-00D01
107 Minimum Luminous Flux @ 350mA
Forward Voltage @1000mA = 2.65v

Cree XP-E2 mounted on a SinkPAD-ll copper star providing a direct thermal path between the LED and Star.

Conventional MCPCB has a Thermal Conductivity of 1-4 W/m.k. VS 385.0 W/m.K for the SinkPAD star.

Benefits of SinkPad copper star.
  • Higher Thermal Transfer Rate (385 W/m.k. heat transfer rate)
  • Lowest Thermal resistance
  • Lower LED Junction Temperature
  • Longer LED life
  • Direct thermal path
  • Enables to drive LED harder. i.e. more lumens per LED

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