18650 Single Cell Holder

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Single 18650 battery holder.

These are the newer polarity keyed style with only 1 spring connector so they will not work with flat tops cells. These will not work with the Panasonic Protected 18650 button top batteries as they are too long

3.3" long x .813" wide x .709" tall
Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

Great Product

Review by JOHN on 6/5/2019

they do work with the protected cells. love this design for the modularity of fitting it in a speaker/battery chassis and being able to use it in multiple sabers if you have quick disconnects.

Good quality, but have the problems at few Lot.

Review by Kusaka on 1/31/2016

18650 holder use the KEYSTONE's holder. model change at Nov - Dec on 2015. Very low height the anode terminal. (Anode terminal changing Leaf spring to Flat Terminal.) If use the Flat head Cell. Need following custom using plan. a. Growing the terminal by soldering. b. Use the terminal on the opposite. Cathode terminal is keep the Leaf spring.It use for anode. c. Spring soldering at Cathode terminal. But i wish... Back to the old model.(Both leaf spring terminal)

Nice battery sled

Review by Bruce on 1/1/2016

Nice and snug. No need to worry about the battery popping out. IF I have one gripe, it's that it doesn't come prewired.

Excellent piece

Review by Anton on 11/26/2013

I purchased this battery holder in a local store before it was here and it does its job excellently. For my purposes I needed to sand a few details, but that worked fine, too, and it holds the battery tight and steady. Excellent choice for a built with removable battery, be it with recharge port or without. Also, if you have a battery with built in pcb protection, it will still fit in, although rather tightly.

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