1" KR Show Blade Builders Bundle 32.875" Long

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1" KR Pixel Show Blade Builder's Bundle! Save 10% as compared to purchasing the components individually. This includes all the components to install and build your own 32.875" long blade!  


1x Trimmed Trans White Polycarbonate Tube to match the KR Pixel Stick and Tip. 
1x Trans White Parabolic Pixel blade Tip
1x Foam Diffusion Material - Trimmed to the tube
1x Plastic Diffusion Material - Trimmed to the tube
1x 32.25" KR Pixel Stick
1x Thin Walled Pixel PCB Adapter
1x Blade Side Pixel PCB w/resistor installed
1x PCB Protector Cap

We recommend the use of Weld-On 3 or similar to attach the blade tip.
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KR Pixel Blade Kit

Review by Derrick on 4/21/2024

Great kit to build my first pixel blade. Makes the entire process easy to assemble and eliminates having to piece all the components separately.

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