1" Thin Walled Photon Green PolyC 40" long

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1"OD 7/8"ID 1/16" Walled Photon Green Polycarbonate tube 40" long.
This is considered a thin walled tube.
Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 7 reviews )

Photon blade

Review by PEPPER on 5/30/2023

Awesome blade tube great results so much fun.

So cool!

Review by Conner on 2/5/2023

It works way better than I thought in a in-hilt rgb, sanding and assembly is super easy, I got quad wrap diffusion film and rolled it with using spare 3/4 diameter blade I had laying around, my favorite light color to mix it with is pink, it creates a dual color effect with a green glow and pink core, very pearlescent and unique, blue is another great color to use and honestly is the brightest while maintaining a great mixture of both colors.

Green and Yellow

Review by Forrest on 3/18/2022

Used it for my latest blade. The yellow color took a little fine tuning with the RGB settings, but it looks fantastic! I don't want to turn my saber off!

For Those Who Want Brighter Sabers...

Review by grAfLEX25 on 11/10/2016

Very unique blade material. As I understand it the dye in this blade stock reacts best to a blue wavelength and emits its own wavelength of light, this means that the blade is glowing rather than just reflecting the light from the LEDs. The result is a significantly brighter blade than just the blue LEDs in a typical clear or trans-white blade. It's a unique effect because there is mostly green, but also some hints of blue. Chances are if I want to make a green saber, I'll probably start with some blue LEDs and this for the blade.

Fantastic blade!

Review by Jaime Garcia on 2/6/2016

Just got this photon green blade with the round tip first time putting it together with the Cellophane wrap looks fantastic! even in the day and especially at night will definitely order another one thanks Tim and the custom saber shop great products!

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