40" LED blade diffuser for 1" thick/7/8" thin walled blades

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LED blade diffuser for 1"OD 3/4"ID 1/8" thick walled Polycarbonate. These will also fit 7/8" thin walled tubes.
The diffuser is 40" long and are made to fit the 1" thick walled PolyC we sell.
May have small blemishes when lit.

If you order these separate from the matching PolyC tubes then we cannot guarantee they will arrive undamaged.
Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

Thin. Careful

Review by Matthew on 12/19/2023

First one bent easily trying to slide the foam/LED strip in. Bought a second one and it arrived bent in the box. It was packaged tight only at the ends with no center support. The bends show easily outside the LEDs


Review by William on 3/22/2018

This is a great, low cost addition to a blade. This spreads the color of your led along the length of the blade.

Heed the warning - I h8 UPS

Review by Mark on 2/8/2016

Very nice diffuser. I had it shipped without the blade, which was a mistake. UPS folded the box. I was able to check the effect over a 2 foot section - really smooths things out.

Nice diffuser

Review by Bruce on 1/1/2016

It works really well at spreading light along the entire blade. There are no uneven spots anywhere.

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