MHS styled keychain

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MHS styled keychain. Key not included.
Made from solid aluminum and are a little over 3" long.
Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

Fantastic replication

Review by Liz on 4/27/2020

This is so nice, imagine all the quality of a TCSS hilt condensed into a 3 inch hilt you can put on your keys. I personally am wearing it as a necklace and it looks great. It also comes with a very nice large keyring so don't worry about having to dig around and find your own. For the price, I feel it a no brainier, it's really cool and super cute.

Keychain? Pendant?

Review by Jennifer on 5/6/2017

This is machined with the same beautiful work which Tim and his Jawas apply to everything. It's big and beautiful, and I'm not sure it will actually go on my keychain... I may put a silver chain on it and wear it as a pendant! Oh, and it came with a very sturdy split ring, as well.

Cool Look

Review by RevengeoftheSeth on 8/4/2010

It has a really cool look to it. And it doubles as a weapon if you get mugged in a dark alley. Just whack em over the head or hold it like a roll of quarters and punch away. If only it came with the Dodge Viper key.

Bigger in person....

Review by Kris on 7/26/2008

I have now bought (and received) both of the current MSH keychain models. They look great, and are well-done. But in person, they are larger than one might think just form viewing online pics. They are nearly to scale with the Master Replicas 0.45 scale miniature lightsabers. Being this large, they might be a little large for everyday carry/use with car & house key rings, for some people. Large size aside, I look forward to further designs and releases.

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