$20 Scratch and Dent Mystery Bundle 3-4 Parts

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$20 Scratch and Dent mystery part bundle 

Consists of 3-4 Randomly selected parts that could be blade holders, bodies, extensions, pommels, pommel inserts, and switch boxes. May also include random items such as blade tips, screws, etc that does not count against the 3-4 total for the bundle.

All of the parts may be damaged or almost perfectly fine. A majority of the threads work as intended but some may not.  These can be Powder Coating rejects, prototypes, test parts, and dinged/dented B-stock. Do not expect perfect finishes and a lot of the parts may not be cleaned or polished. 
No warranty is applied to any of the parts purchased within these lots and pictured parts are for example purposes only

While supplies last (We try not to mess up too many times)

This item/bundle can not be returned
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Amazing deal!

Review by William on 1/5/2023

I ordered this bundle twice, and was not disappointed either time. It was actually fun not knowing what was coming. The selection was great. I was able to put together a couple of new hilts. As long as you're flexible with colors (I received a funky purple emitter, but it's really cool) or a few minor dings (which were hard to see), this is a great deal!

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