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Set of 7 custom formed medium hard black rubber strips.

Includes 3M adhesive tape factory installed for simple peel-and-stick installation.

The tape side is rounded so that it forms to the hilt.
1/2" wide by 3.6" long and 1/4" tall


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by william
on 5/6/2019
I was a bit hesitant about getting these. The original prop had plastic grips (Mark Hamill commented on how uncomfortable they were.) I'm all about accuracy so that was a no at first. I was looking at cost of these, and the $10 difference in TCSS's favor made me start to consider them. They're hard rubber, which made me think they might be a good compromise from plastic. After reading up and watching some videos, I decided to try them. They're the exact right length and width. When they're not installed, that's when you notice that they're hard rubber. Not squishy, but still kind of bendable length wise. I removed my old grips, cleaned the graflex with rubbing alcohol, and installed them using a guide from shapeways (the 'A' one.) When installed they look perfect and they actually feel like plastic, though more comfortable since they're hard rubber. The glue is also great. I love to duel and swing my sabers, and I don't feel these moving at all.
by Noah
on 4/20/2014
from Pawcatuck
Despite my misleading title of "meh," these grips are actually very good. They are not as uncomfortable as others have said. They are firm, but not too firm. They have a little play in them. Unfortunately, the adhesive does slide around a bit. If the saber's weight is resting on the grips while on display, they may shift. They may also shift during dueling. Honestly I have had grips that stay right where they should be and grips that cannot stay on, so it's a little hit and miss from time to time. Still, I would recommend these grips to anyone going for this look.
by Luke
on 6/11/2013
from Hurricane
Permanent stick get it right
This product is a aesthetic piece only it is quite uncomfortable to grip and they will stick were you put them but will peel off. if you dont get it right with were you want them the first time they will not stick after you peel them up so be careful.
by Massimo
on 3/7/2012
from Vercelli
I bought the product and find it good, is soft and the right adhesive is easy to apply, recommend it for a perfect replica
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