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Set of 6 custom formed medium hard black rubber strips.

Includes 3M adhesive tape factory installed for simple peel-and-stick installation.

The tape side is rounded so that it forms to the hilt.
1/2" wide by 3.6" long and 1/4" tall


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by William
on 10/16/2018
from Middleburgh
Have a steady hand, and a critical eye
I have these on my US Prophecy V3, and the final result is quite nice. Be careful when peeling the paper away from the adhesive, I had one where the glue wanted to peel away from the rubber. I was able to save it, seems to be holding just fine. Make sure you line up where you want these, set them on carefully to make sure they stay true and straight.
by Cole
on 6/20/2013
from Keystone heights
Not bad, not great.
I'm sitting here looking at my lightsaber hilt, and can't help but be displeased. Looking at each grip next to one another, it isn't hard to tell that their lengths aren't completely equal and exact. Some are longer, some are shorter, and they look somewhat strange next to one another. The adhesive is holding up for the most part, but one of the grips barely has any adhesive at all and it looks like I may be forced to super glue it on.
by arizona
on 5/22/2011
from malden
sort of works
they look great on my mara jade style hilt, but the adhesive strip dont hold at all, even after degreasing the blade holder. i had to end up using super glue to keep them in place. other then that....i do recommend this product. 健康多くの寿命 (kenkou ooku no jumyou) (health(good) much life(span))
by Matt Thorn
on 4/27/2011
from Kyoto
What's to not like?
I was surprised to see the one-star review of the 7 Piece set, so I thought I should balance things out. Both the 6- and 7-Piece sets are made by Blast Tech, which is highly regarded even on The Replica Prop Forum, and those folks are seriously picky. The complaint about the adhesive is a mystery to me. I can only assume the reviewer was really careless. I had no problem at all. The paper backing peeled off easily, and the grips are now firmly attached. As for the grips being "too hard"...well, this material is much softer than the hard plastic T-track used on the original prop. (Hamill told our friend Slothfurnace that the prop was extremely uncomfortable to hold.) So unless you want to make your own grips out of silicone, I'm not sure what you want to do. The grips on the Force FX line are moderately more comfortable, though less faithful to the original prop, so I suppose you could salvage some of those and put them on your saber. As for me, I'm quite happy with these.
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