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2w/3w max bass speaker

28mm OD x 12mm tall.  8 ohm speaker.
These will just barely fit inside speaker mount 2 and 3 depth wise.
You may need to sand down the side tab solder joints in order to get them to fit inside the speaker mounts.


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by David
on 1/4/2019
from Aloha
Wonderful speaker for a saber project
I used this speaker along with the stealth speaker in some saber builds.  Both seem to give very similar sound performance and quality.  This speaker was able to provide a nice loud saber that was reproducing the sound fonts well.  
by David
on 7/21/2018
from Australia
Just what you want in a saber
Although I haven't experienced any other saber speakers, I can immediately tell that this the right speaker for the job. Most lightsaber sounds are in the lower frequencies so it makes sense to use a bass speaker. Although, some sounds such as speech (in a font boot sound) which is at a higher frequency can get drowned out. A non-issue.
by evon
on 4/29/2017
from lake worth
All about the bass
You know what they say guys, " it's all about the Bass". With this speaker you will definitely "feel the force ". When setup correctly this speaker will give almost the same rumble from a hilt as a rumble motor. (With the right fonts of course) if you have the space and want to hear and feel the bass your nuts if you leave this off your build. Oh and  pick up the right housing and remember to cover the back and seal it tight. 
by Jean-Francois
on 1/25/2016
from Sainte-agathe-des-monts
Pretty loud
This Speaker is loud with great sound. I use the mount v5 and Prizm soundboard. Needed to sand the inside of the mount a little for the connection pins to clear.
Really great!
Thanks TCSS!
by Kenneth
on 1/14/2016
from Gardner
Exactly what I expected. Sounds great. Gives the terraform font more depth that it deserves. 
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