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1"OD 7/8"ID 1/16" Walled Photon Green Polycarbonate tube 40" long.
This is considered a thin walled tube.


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by Forrest
on 3/19/2022
from Washington
Green and Yellow
Used it for my latest blade. The yellow color took a little fine tuning with the RGB settings, but it looks fantastic! I don't want to turn my saber off!
by grAfLEX25
on 11/10/2016
For Those Who Want Brighter Sabers...
Very unique blade material. As I understand it the dye in this blade stock reacts best to a blue wavelength and emits its own wavelength of light, this means that the blade is glowing rather than just reflecting the light from the LEDs. The result is a significantly brighter blade than just the blue LEDs in a typical clear or trans-white blade. It's a unique effect because there is mostly green, but also some hints of blue. Chances are if I want to make a green saber, I'll probably start with some blue LEDs and this for the blade.
by Jaime Garcia
on 2/6/2016
from Downers Grove
Fantastic blade!
Just got this photon green blade with the round tip first time putting it together with the Cellophane wrap looks fantastic! even in the day and especially at night will definitely order another one thanks Tim and the custom saber shop great products!
by Jean-Francois
on 1/25/2016
from Sainte-agathe-des-monts
Neat effect
I used this tube with 2x 5mm blue led strings, 1x 3mm white string (FoC), blade film quad wrap and packing foam. The effect look like a phosphorus bluish green. Pretty cool with the FoC being a yellowish green. Love the blade! Thanks TCSS!
by Michael
on 9/17/2015
from Newark
It's a fun blade material
Responds well to blue and royal blue LEDs. It lights as an emerald green color, just a bit more bluish than a regular green LED in a normal blade. In person, it takes on an optical effect that is very hard to describe. If you like green, it's worth seeing for yourself. When not illuminated, it reflects ambient light kind of like a safety vest.
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