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PRIZM is a variant of the Petit Crouton 3.x on which the current regulator was removed and the power supply design was adapted for single cell. In addition, a real time color changing system was developed which allows up to 10 profiles to be browsed within a font using the aux. switch and the activator switch. It also features up to SIX sound fonts and 4 accent LEDs.

Owners Manual

The board comes with 3 sound banks Light Meat, Grey Meat and Dark Meat, installed on the microSD. If you would like to purchase additional sound fonts please visit SaberFont.com

►NEW : Version 4 features the Trident™ feature to control secondary blades (quillons) as seen on some recent sabers.

Features & Maximum Ratings
  • Dimensions : 1.6" x .93" x .26" (with the microSD card).
  • Power supply : SINGLE CELL !!! 5.5V MAX / 3.5A (with the Luxeon LED). 1 li-ion cells (18650 or 14500) battery recommended.
  • Up to 10 color profiles allowing the real time color change within a font. The use of a momentary is preferred as more natural to switch color, but there is support for latching too.
  • Up to 6 sound fonts. Now with automatic font amount detection, board ships with the PC3 usual set of 3 fonts, but you can have only 2 or 6 if you like.
  • Blaster Blocking, Force, Force Clash™ and Lockup Fx
  • Blade Flickering Fx
  • Blade Shimmering on Clash
  • Blaster Sounds
  • Up to 4 boot sounds
  • Up to 16 swing and 16 clash sounds
  • Flash on Clash™ (FoC™)
  • Anti Power Off technology (A-POP™)
  • 32 stage accent LED sequencer
  • WAV file support
  • True 16 bit, 22.050 kSamples/sec crystal clear DAC
  • SD card support: up to 16GB (SD & SDHC), FAT16 or FAT32. Sandisk and Kingston brands preferred.
  • Accent LEDs : 4
  • Accent LEDs pad current source : 18 mA max per pad
  • Handles momentary or latching for blade activation
  • Compatibility : luxeon star III, V, K2, rebel, seoul P4, Ledengin, tri-rebel, tri-cree
  • Speaker : 4-8 ohm, up to 2W. NOT provided, must be purchased separately.
  • Idle current consumption : 9 mA (deep sleep mode)
  • Real Time Configuration Editor (R.I.C.E.™)


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by Corey
on 2/2/2016
from Bend
Omg wow!
This board has most of what I wanted from Crystal Focus in a far more affordable package, and although not as expandable performs every bit as well as the petit crouton I have in another saber. This is the best overall color changing board I've had other than Crystal Focus.
by Jean-Francois
on 1/25/2016
from Sainte-agathe-des-monts
Very good product
This is an awesome piece of electronic.
My first soundboard so I can't compare to anything else.
I' m completely satisfied. 
Thanks TCSS!
by Bryon
on 10/16/2015
from Pittston
Love this thing
I have installed 2 of these in my sabers and I love the heck out of them. On the fly color change is a great option as is the multiple sound fonts. and the fact you only need a single 18650 or comparable battery is great for tight build sabers.
by Malik
on 9/14/2015
from Alexander
Excellent upgrade from the Nano
This board is fantastic for anyone who wants a more immersive experience with their lightsabers but in a smaller hilt that can only accommodate a single battery cell. The boards ability to do color changing on the fly is fantastic and it was only a little more difficult to wire up than the Nano Biscotte V2.
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