• MR or Hasbro FX Vader conversion kit

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MR or Hasbro Vader conversion kit.

Verified to work with the new black series

Kit includes a blade holder, heat sink, 4-40 screw, and thumb screw.
Blade/LED holder for converting a master replicas Vader to a luxeon setup.
LED, lens, and lens holder will need to be ordered seperately.


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by George Darnell
on 1/17/2018
from KY
Conversion of 2015 Hasbro FX Black Series
The blade holder increased diameter side doesn't fit into the 2015 without sanding.  I put 100 grit sand paper to this piece for over 3 hours manually before it would slide in nicely.  It may fit better in Master Replica models. I advise using gloves as the metal will be everywhere. Beautifully crafted design and the knurled screw fits great once you re-tap the hilt.  I also love the LED heat-sink and how they mate. The retention screw mates perfect as well. Great crafting, TCSS! I will probably buy this again for another Hasbro conversion to NeoPixel in the future, if still available.
by sacha
on 1/11/2018
from paris
 Super easy for a begginer like me. It adds a really nice weight to the saber, feals great!
by Ian
on 10/14/2017
from Lakewood
This gave new life to my MR that I have had for 10 years. Fantastic kit! I can't wait to upgrade some more!
by Brian
on 7/8/2017
from atascadero
Worked perfectly, and looks great. Very easy to instal. It was a lot of fun
by Paul
on 5/24/2017
from Chickamauga
Darth Vader conversion kit
Fit perfectly, screw holes are stong and sturdy and has perfect led placement. Great job. 
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