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Used to easily mount your D-ring equipped hilt to your belt.
Should work with all belt styles or could be attached directly to pants etc.


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by Jason
on 2/2/2018
from Australia
Does the job, looks the part. Nice and strong. Wont be hav ok ng ti worry about the hilt falling off.
by Ravenbom
on 8/19/2017
from Los Angeles
Nice, small clip that works for nearly any costume. 

I prefer this belt clip over Covertec mainly because Covertec was designed to hold 4-5 ounce flip phones from the late 90's, not 1.5 to 2 lbs lightsabers. 
D-rings aren't perfect either, but they've never dropped my sabers. 

Buy a few and clip the extras to jackets and belts to enhance that lived-in Star Wars look. 
by David
on 10/8/2013
from New Bern
Great solution for wearing a saber
Just got this in today, the pics don't do it justice. The clip is very shiny. The clip would fit on either side for ambidextrous carrying, will fit on virtually any size belt. I paired this up with the D-ring pommel insert and a new pommel and it works flawlessly for me.
by NooB1Kenobi
on 3/23/2013
from Ohio
Nice clip.
Nice clip. I loosened it up a bit to make it easier to put saber on and take it off. Also bigger than I thought. 
by Rhiannon
on 5/17/2012
from Port Charlotte
Does the trick!
Nice and simple. At first it was a little tricky pulling the saber out, but it was just a matter of changing technique, now I can draw it faster than I can a covertec.
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