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2w (3.5w max) mini speaker

20mm OD x 9.2mm tall. 4 OHM


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by Hector
on 2/24/2018
from Pinellas Park
Great little speaker
I have to say for a small 20mm speaker this sucker is pretty loud. I have this speaker in my K4 saber, and you can feel the little vibration it gives off. And also you can hear the swings and clashes very well. 
by grAfLEX25
on 2/11/2017
Great Speaker for Tighter Builds
I'm impressed with the sound you get out of this small speaker. I would say it's not as loud as the 28 mm Bass Speakers, but it's definitely not quiet. I would not hesitate to use this speaker again in builds where I can't fit the larger 28 mm bass speaker. 

A few notes for soldering this speaker: check to see where the speaker wires are attached to the solder pads and solder to the opposite pads (directly across). Look at the speaker from the side and you should see a small wire running to one pad on each side. I didn't realize this the first time and had the speaker wire pop up while trying to solder my wire from my soundboard. 
by Jason
on 1/10/2017
from New York
Outstanding sound
These might be the best overall sounding speakers in the shop.
by Denzil
on 5/26/2016
from Austin
Gaskets peal away.
Check them carefully before installing. I have had at least 3 of these speakers where the gasket was pealing away from the basket (frame) when they arrived and another 1 where the gasket tore loose completely after a few months of use.
by Kit Fisto
on 1/28/2013
from Glee Anselm
Perfect for tiny builds
These speakers are the perfect solution for your Parks conversions and any other build requiring a small but powerful speaker solution.  Given the right back-enclosure you will think you're listening to a 1" speaker!  A+ item
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