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1"OD 3/4"ID 1/8" walled Tran White Polycarbonate tube 40" long.
This is considered a thick walled tube.


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by Adam
on 8/9/2016
from Pitman
Love these blades! This is pretty much all I use. I have dueled with these and they hold up very well.
by Peter
on 4/9/2013
from Festus
Best option
Pair this with and you are all set no need for a diffuser. The color is amazing and the price can't be beat. If this is your first saber I suggest 36in for single blade and 32in for a staff.
by James
on 11/19/2011
from Union
This is the only blade tubing I'll ever use again!!!
it gives you a nice full blade, no real issues with lighting that I've noticed. I used a seoul p4 blue and red and the lighting is awesome. If you used this type of tip the light will carry all the way through the tip. This is the only way to fly!
by Joe
on 9/10/2010
from La Porte
Nice even blade
Just got mine in yesterday. It's fantastic. Don't have my saber built yet, but I've got my lighting system done, and it works beautifully. There's no bright flare at any point in the blade, leaving a nice even color. It's a little dimmer than a normal clear blade with diffuser film, but that's to be expected. Works wonderfully with color disks.
by RevengeoftheSeth
on 8/7/2010
from Swansea, IL
Good Blade for Cheap
This is a great starter blade on a budget.  I used this blade with no diffuser and it still gives a good even glow.  Make sure you use a reflective disk on the tip.
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